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Bussies Truck & Auto Is The Small Engine Repair And Maintenance Specialist In Holland, MI

Bussies Truck & Auto provides the best small engine repairs in MI. They are a full service company dedicated to small engine repair and maintenance. Thier commitment is to their customers. If your small engine needs to be repaired or is scheduled for maintenance, Bussies Truck & Auto will be here to help. We take pride in our service and affordable pricing.

Here are just a few of the small engine repair and maintenance services we provide:

Lawn Mowers
Lawn mower brands don't matter. Major problems with the motor or small belt repalcements are not an obstacle. Regardless of the problem, we will fix it. If your lawn mower needs a quick adjustment, we will do that also.

Save money and save time by giving us a call today at 616-396-5304.

Snow Blowers
Michigan winter's can be brutal. Being without your snow blower could be downright cruel. We will repair and maintain your snow blower, so you can be ready for the cold, wintry months. Your snow blower will be in good hands, because we know and understand how important it is to have your best tools available to complete your work.

Our repair guys are well prepared and experienced to make sure your snow blower is ready to handle the winter demands. Call us today at 616-396-5304.

Safety First! Snowmobiles can be the most exhilirating and fun sled, snowmachine, or land vehicle you can experience. They can also be intimidating, powerful machines. Make sure you stay on the fun side by making sure your snowmobile is properly maintained and always in good working condition. We can do that! Our mechanics specialize in snowmobile repairs and maintenance. We understand how snowmobiles work and we are comitted to your safety.

Call us today at 616-396-5304 for any snowmobile repair or maintenance!

It is hard to beat a nice, Michigan summer spent on the lake. It is even more enjoyable if the watercraft of your choice is working properly, and you are having a great time. Whether you like to take your Wave Runner, Jetski, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, or Yamaha watercraft on the lake, we will make sure you can have a worry free time. Our first class watercraft maintenance and repair services are second to none and always keep in mind...Safety First!

Call 616-396-5304 to schedule repair or maintenance for your watercraft.